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Erin is a terrific pet sitter. My dogs love her! She is very reliable and quick to respond to my requests...even the last minute ones. -Kay Peper

We met Erin at the Southern Women's Show in Nashville. My wife asked her if she also did dog sitting. Erin's reply was    sure. She then proceeded to explain what she provided and what her rates were. It was very reasonable, and we explained that if we needed her, we would call. The occasion arose and we called her. Erin came by to meet the dogs (all 5 of them) and see what their requirements were, such as medicine, food and sleeping areas. The dogs fell in love with her. We went out of town for 4 days and upon our return, we found everything in perfect order. Having such a great rapport with Erin, I decided to ask if she could design a website for me. We met again and she went over all the particulars. She was able to design it to my satisfaction. I would recommend Erin for her services, as she is very skilled and knowledgeable in what she does. -Wayne Parnham 

Your services are amazing and prices are very reasonable. I look forward to using them again. Please keep up the good work. -Rebekah Layne

Erin did a wonderful job with my errands and is a lovely young woman. The next time I find myself in need of her            services, I will not hesitate to call on her. Thanks, Erin! -Vicki Kasperek

I found Erin at her booth at the Southern Women’s Show this year right when I was looking for a solution to my pet sitting needs. She gave me her business card and we subsequently set a date for interviews, me interviewing Erin and Erin interviewing me to make sure it would be a good working relationship. In our initial interview, I found Erin warm, open, engaging, organized and dedicated to her clients; exactly what I needed to take care of the love of my life, my 19-year-old kitty, Buddy. We then agreed, as a next step, for Erin to come to the house and meet Buddy and go through Buddy’s routine. As we walked through the house and I showed Erin around, where things were, how the routine works best for Buddy, Erin was very attentive to detail and asked clarifying questions to make sure she understood Buddy’s routine. We agreed she’d come the following week for a few days and since I’m a helicopter Mom, I asked Erin to text me when she arrived at the house and also a “Buddy status,” which she did. She kept me informed about the house and Buddy and even texted me pictures of my baby, which was a great idea. She visited Buddy several times a day, as I’d asked, and texted me each time with updates. She also checked in with me, “after hours,” to see if I’d made it home safely from traveling. A very nice extra that I wasn’t expecting. It can be difficult to find someone you can depend on with what’s most precious to you and I’ve been able to depend on Erin. I’ve been very happy and satisfied with Erin and I highly recommend using her services. Thank you, Erin! 
-Wendy Humphrey

Erin has provided a lot of different services, from pet sitting to mail runs. She has always done a great, timely and           professional job! -Julie Halkiades

As a busy business owner, there are so many small jobs that add up to create a lot of extra work for me. Being a smaller business, it’s been nearly impossible to not end up stuck with these tasks by myself because software, programs or any other possible outlets only work with larger scale jobs. I was so relieved to find someone who could help with so many various tasks and Erin and her work have been invaluable to my business. She takes care of various administrative duties that allow me to focus on bigger concerns that need my attention the most. She has been on top of all tasks and paid great attention to details and notes I send regarding each, allowing my mind to be at ease that things are taken care of! Highly recommended for any busy professional who needs help. -Holly McCabe, owner of Kaizen Concepts

Erin is friendly and helpful on many levels. Your errands are safe and confidential with her. She is timely and handles all   of my errands when I don't have the time to do them myself. She helps me with both personal and business errands.        Some things are extremely confidential or need to be handled with care, while other errands might require good            decision making skills or a creative eye. When I need to duplicate myself, I just call Errands by Erin! She's the best!! 
-Luellyn Latocki Hensley

I've trusted Erin to dog sit my dog, Sophie, for almost two years now, and she's awesome! Occasionally, I have to work 12+ hour days and Erin comes by to spend time with Sophie, making sure she's okay during those long days. Sophie adores her and it gives me great peace of mind to know she's in good hands. I can count on Erin to follow through with what I ask. We love her and you will, too! -Leah Landa

Erin is a joy (and pro) to work with! I’m in the start-up phase of my freelance writing and creative consulting business,        and most weeks, there’s just too much for me to do on my own! Erin’s adaptability and positivity are exactly what I’ve         needed, to be able to strategically delegate, so I can focus on creating content for my clients, and provide superior            client care! -Rebecca Halton, Professional Freelance Copywriter and Author at RebeccaHalton.com

After I met Erin, we e-mailed & texted for quite a while & I had her come to our home & meet my husband. Erin has a very charming persona and we decided her services would be very useful in our home. I have a disability & am in a wheelchair & have a service animal. Erin comes on regular scheduled days for a few hours. She helps with cleaning kitchen & fridge, making grocery lists, helping find recipes, grocery shopping then returning to our home & prepping meals & putting away groceries. Erin also helps with dog grooming (brushing & nails), walking dog when I can't get out, and even brushing his teeth occasionally. On many occasions, Erin has accompanied me to various appointments, the mall to help with Christmas shopping...and also wrapped gifts. I come up with things on occasion that I just can't do and Erin never acts like any requests are too great! She is extremely efficient & flexible. Everyone needs an Erin!! -Nancy Liles

Erin has been a Godsend to help with deliveries, pickups, office work, post office & recycling drop offs, and various errands related to our office. We appreciate her prompt response, professional work ethic and always pleasant & positive attitude. Erin's a lifesaver! -Kathy Armistead Olen, President of Atticus Brand Partners 

I’d like to think that we were one of Erin’s first clients, and we remain very dependent on her great service. When planning a trip, she’s the first call because she is so reliable and respectful of our pups and our home. She even helped me sell some exercise equipment that we weren’t using. My wife appreciates the regular updates when we’re out of town and cute pics. Erin is the best! -Lewis & Susan Anderson

Erin is amazing! She always manages to make herself available to help us with our house/dog sitting, even on short notice. Always prompt, pleasant, affordable, and our Bassett Hound, Fred, adores her! The first thing we do when planning a trip now is to contact Erin to make sure she can help out. We give her our highest recommendation. -Mark & Carlena Spencer

Hi! My name's Bobby and I'm watching for Miss Erin to come walk me and my sister, Pumpkin and my brother, Comet. Miss Erin also helps with our nail trims (yuck) and vet visits. She does stuff for our mom that we can't do because we don't have thumbs, like grocery shop and cook and drive places. Mom says she's very dependable and a lot of fun. We think so, too!
-Bobby Bakersville, President of the Miss Erin Fan Club, owned by Terrie Scott

I recently needed a hard-to-find item that was only available in a store 90 miles from Nashville. Unfortunately, I had missed the 5am cut-off to order online and have the item sent via FedEx overnight. Desperately, I searched the Internet trying to find someone in Nashville that could help. And then I found Erin. What a lifesaver! She agreed to drive to the store, buy the inexpensive product for me (the store wouldn't take my credit card over the phone), return to Nashville and drop the item at FedEx using my FedEx number. She was amazing! She billed me that night via PayPal. Her fee was very reasonable and I was blown away by her helpfulness. I only wish that I could find someone like her in my hometown. I highly recommend Erin.
-Margie Schloesser

Erin has become a critical component of my household and two businesses running smoothly. When I first found her online a year ago, her website marketed a pretty long list of tasks that she could perform or assist with. And when we met, she said, "I'll do anything but clean." That opened my mind to even more possibilities, and since, she has helped me with the following: 

                                - dog walking/sitting                                            - research
                                - house sitting                                                      - handling retail returns 
                                - grocery shopping                                              - dropping off/picking up dry cleaning & shoe repairs 
                                - food/recipe prep                                               - service technician appointments 
                                - Excel spreadsheet updates                             - party shopping & set-up
                                - office organization                                             - taking & managing photos 
                                - online sales 

I'm sure there are even more items that I've left off, as Erin helps me every week. I have referred her to my friends and they have all been happy with her services as well. Erin is a joy to work with - always smiling and willing to help. If you need an extra hand - one time or regularly - Erin is the one you should call. I know you will be as pleased as I am if you do! -Bonnie Troxel  

Erin saved me yesterday. More importantly, she saved my 14-year-old who is the new kid at school from being embarrassed by not having the right clothes for picture day at his new school. -Karen Such 

I’m so glad I found Erin! She was able to help me make a last-minute purchase and delivery to some dear friends—on a Sunday nonetheless! She was very friendly, easy to communicate with, and was reliable and prompt. Seamless process from start to finish; a welcome relief, especially after trying various other courier services that couldn’t help me with what I needed. I’d definitely use her again. -Hollis Boice

I wholeheartedly recommend Erin and her company. My daughter is a student in Nashville, and she recently became very ill with the flu. Although she is a senior, this was truly the sickest she has ever been since moving to college. Since we live 12 hours away, and I don’t have easy access to her contacts, I didn’t know where to turn to get her the groceries she needed to stay hydrated and nourished during the initial phases of recovery. After wasting an hour or so attempting to figure out a variety of apps, I found Errands By Erin through a simple Google search. I called Erin, and within a few hours, my daughter had all my hand picked items delivered to her door. Erin adjusted her schedule, climbed stairs, and traversed construction to accommodate our need. With her e-mail invoice system and PayPal account, payment was a seamless process. Even if it is not an emergency, Erin will be my first contact in the future as needs arise. -Tricia Tuma

If you are traveling to Nashville, you need to contact Erin! We visited Nashville to celebrate my wife's 40th birthday. There were many guests attending and celebration plans scheduled for the weekend, which required a lot of help. Erin stepped up and took care of everything!! We especially recommend contacting Erin if you are planning on taking a BYOB tour. She took our order, picked up everything and delivered it, so that part was completely taken care of!!! Thanks, Erin, for all your help and making our 40th birthday celebration such a great time!!! We will definitely be calling you again when back in Nashville! -Brian Begley from Chicago